About Isca AC



We help new members to fish our waters

  • There’s an introductory day at the start of each season to show members our waters and provide advice on how to fish them.
  • It is our aim to help all our members to catch more fish and to enjoy the fishing on the river Usk.
  • We encourage our more experienced members to share their knowledge and expertise with our new or less experienced members.

Most of our members fish with fly

  • While other methods are permitted with certain restrictions, most of our members chose to fish with fly most of the time.

We encourage catch and release to improve stocks for fishing

We encourage our members to teach the younger generation to fish

  • Anglers under 18 may fish free of charge provided they are accompanied at all times by a member, sharing the member’s rod and catch limit, and have a relevant NRW/EA rod licence.


  • In addition to regular newsletters written by our club secretary with updates on catches and other news from the river Usk, we also have a Facebook group page open to all our members. It enables interaction between our members, friendships to be made and provides information such as:
    • Up-to-date information on what is happening on the river (sometimes from the river bank…)
    • Recent catches made including photos and videos
    • Recommendations on flies to try
    • Advice for new members provided by more experienced members
    • Regular banter and humour exchanged between members 😎

We support angling on the river Usk for the benefit of the wider community

The following link shows the Rules and Constitution for Isca Angling Club

Club Secretary: Andrew Beattie (email: sec.isca@gmail.com)

Club Chairman: Morten Ostergaard