Sustainable salmon fishing

Summary of 2018 Salmon Season

  • Our members released 100% of the salmon caught 
  • All except one were caught on fly
  • Most were from 8Ibs to 14Ibs weight; the biggest salmon was 25Ibs, caught on a fly


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Fish conservation measures:

We support the work of the Wye & Usk Foundation financially and promote its catch & release guidelines:

Best Practice Guidelines – C&R

The Club has also introduced specific rules to help safeguard the future of the Usk salmon. In particular, we protect the larger and very valuable hen fish so that they can spawn successfully.

  • Salmon longer than 27” or 69cm must be released
  • No member may kill more than 1 salmon a day and 2 salmon in a season
  • All salmon to be released before 16 June and after the 31st of August
  • Fly fishing only before 16 June and no bait fishing after the 31st of August
  • When salmon are to be released, barbless hooks must be used
  • Hooks on spinners and spoons:  one single hook only, maximum gape 13mm; no doubles or trebles
  • Hooks on plugs: one single or double hook only, maximum gape 13mm
  • Fly hooks, maximum gape 10mm


Isca AC supports the work done by the Wye and Usk Foundation (WUF) and the Natural Resources Wales (NRW) to restore the river to its natural state to help the fish and wildlife that depends on the river being in a good condition.

We also work closely with NRW officers and the police to stop illegal fishing.

Please support organisations that aim to help the salmon, even small donations can hopefully make a difference before it is too late….

The Wye and Usk Foundation

Salmon and Trout Conservation UK

The Atlantic Salmon Trust

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