Report on the Season start (March 2017)

The season started on the 3rd March but for most of the month the river has been too high for fly fishing to be done effectively.  I have only heard of two fish being caught although one or two more might have shown an interest in an anglers fly, the only allowed fishing method until the 16th of June.

The first salmon of the new season was caught by Simon Jones on fly on the 24th March on one of the Llanover Estate beats. The fish was 13Ibs and in beautiful condition as shown in the photo. Many congratulations to Simon!!!

Simons first fish of the 2017 season

Hopefully April will bring more stable weather conditions so that the river levels will lower and stabilize and thereby make access to the river and wading easier.

The fishing should steadily improve as we go April and May so if conditions look right it would be good advice to find an excuse to go salmon fishing, not forgetting the fantastic trout fishing the Usk also has to offer this time of year.

Best wishes

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