Fishing update – May & June 2018

A few salmon were caught from the end of April and into the first week of May, some of these were 3-sea winter fish, all in excellent condition with a 25Ibs salmon being the largest.


25Ibs salmon (102 cm) caught on the 1st of May

However, after the first week of May the salmon catches have been very low in comparison to the last few years. By the end of June no more than 20% of the number of fish caught last year have been landed. The reasons for this are unclear but nearly all UK rivers from Scotland to Cornwall are reporting few salmon being caught.

Normally the first high spring tides of May will significantly increase the number of fish coming into the river but this year the salmon run has only been a shadow of runs seen in previous years. Only few fish are seen in the pools where they normally stop for a rest on their journey up the river or take up more permanent residency.

Not helping the poor run of fish has been steadily dropping water levels since the beginning of May. No significant rainfall has occurred and the river is now showing its bones.  This combined with high water and air temperatures are a serious threat to the survival of the salmon in the river. Most fishing clubs on the river have therefore recommended their members to stop fishing until better conditions and rain arrive.

Most Usk fishermen are now hoping, if not praying, for cooler weather and significant rainfall and that some salmon are still waiting in the estuary to run the river….








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