2018 salmon catch update

Summary of 2018 Salmon Season and the catch made on ISCA beats

  • 2018 was the worst salmon fishing season season for many years with a total catch of only 20% compared to the previous two years
  • Both trout and salmon fishing was temporarily stopped on ISCA beats during July and August due to the severe drought conditions prevailing from the end of May to the end of August
  • Our members released 100% of the salmon caught 
  • All except one salmon were caught on fly
  • Most salmon caught were from 8Ibs to 14Ibs in weight
  • The biggest salmon was 25Ibs and another salmon was also larger than 22Ibs. Both of these two fish were caught in May and on the fly.

The below link provides a summary of the salmon 2018 season and outlook written by Guy Mawle for the river Usk local fisheries group. Thought provoking reading….

A (bleak) summary of the Salmon Season on the Usk 2018


what better place to be.jpg

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