May-June River Update



One of only a small number of salmon caught this spring.

After a promising end to April where a few good fish were caught, the number of fish caught in May and June has been very low. Only a few salmon have been caught on our beats, most of these between 10 and 15 Ibs, all caught on fly and released.

Few fish are seen in the pools and the run of fish this year appear to be at an all time low despite overall good water conditions. Despite favourable water levels for fish to run the river only few salmon have entered the river , an overall very concerning situation as this is the second year in a row. The reasons for this are not well known although the high number of fish eating birds observed on the river in the spring is causing concern and increasing alarm amongst most salmon anglers.

The few fish that have been caught have mostly been in good condition suggesting favourable feeding conditions in the Atlantic. It is possible that conditions in the Atlantic are not favourable for salmon as often stated,  but the question is whether more effective river management solutions can be implemented to help the Usk salmon.

Whatever the reasons for the continued decline in numbers of fish running the river, a trend also seen on adjacent rivers such as the Wye and the Severn, drastic measures are now needed to save the Usk salmon. Continued research by various bodies without implementing effective measures to protect salmon is unlikely to provide any turnaround in their numbers.

Please support organisations that aim to help the salmon, even small donations can hopefully make a difference before it is too late….

The Wye and Usk Foundation

Salmon and Trout Conservation UK

The Atlantic Salmon Trust

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