Would you like to Join ISCA Angling club?

We have a few vacancies for the new 2022 season. If you are interested in joining ISCA AC then please contact our club secretary using the CONTACT US menu option on the ISCA AC Website

The cost of membership is £260 with a joining fee of £50 for new members. This entitles you to fish for salmon, sea trout and brown trout all days of the week from the season start (3rd March) to the end of the fishing season (17th October).

ISCA anglers caught 45 salmon in 2021 on our beats all on fly which represents more than one quarter of the total river catch. Although catches the last 4 years have been disappointing compared to previous years then catching a salmon on our beats is certainly possible with a bit of luck, skill and when sufficient time is spent on the river. One ISCA angler caught 8 salmon during the 2021 season and the first Usk salmon for the 2021 season was also caught from an ISCA beat on the 27th of March. This beautiful and pristine fish is shown the below photo.

First fish from the river Usk in 2021 (16 Ibs)

Happy New Year

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